My Story of Acid Relief

by Joyce S.

I used to have severe GERD, acid-reflux, hiatial hernia aggravation, IBS
to the max for several years treating with several gastro specialists to
no avail on the diets, meds for any cure ... sometimes not even relief
and had 2 esophageal dilations as a result of all the acids. I was on
almost every new anti-acid, proton pump inhibitors, etc. as they came
out & I could get free samples as was not "covered" so big bucks.

I found out that possibly I could wean off them gradually with the help
of some natural products and general better health ... to start with
Lily of the Desert brand "Stomach" relief aloe vera gel, licorice root
tabs (deglycerrized? sp? to accomodate hi blood pressure), and
probiotics and sometimes colostrum tabs. It took me about a year to
year and half before I no longer needed the antiacids, etc. so I could
sleep at night and without that burning acid in throat, mouth, etc.
THEN I discovered kefir ... like "where you bin all my life, I love you!"

It didn't take long to generally be able to wean off all the above ...
first the probiotics, then the aloe and licorice root. Now I can once
again eat salads, hot, spicy foods of all kinds, chocolate .. ice water
... all those things which were no-nos for me for so long. Once in a
great while I still dare to eat something way to hot/spicy before bed
and have to resort to a licorice root tab in middle of night, but that
is rare.

So .. my advice is ... take it as gradual as needed to wean off and
replace with the do-it-all kefir. Maybe get some of the aloe vera for
stomach (above) (it has special digestive herbs in it already) and/or
licorice root tabs for extra support while weaning off to kefir.

Have also gone to a totally different type diet, a lot of changes from
lots of advice pretty well summed up by Weston Price Foundation, Dr.
William Campbell Douglass and others which has improved our health
overall ... arthritis almost all gone, etc.

Best wishes ... Joyce Simmerman

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