The Benefits of Miracle Berry:
Stop Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight!

Miracle berry which contains miraculin can help you curb sugar cravings and lose weight! The Miracle fruit is the source of a berry that makes food taste sweeter.

Lose Weight With Miracle Berries!

Just one berry can make sour foods taste sweet for an hour!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with lower calorie foods and lose weight!

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These berries just might be the miracle cure for your sweet tooth! The berries cause sour foods (like lemons) to taste sweet for about an hour after eating the berries.

Miracle berries (also called dulci berries) have this effect because of the "miraculin" in the berries which is often used in sugar substitutes. The miraculin attaches to the taste buds when you eat the berries and makes sour foods taste sweet. Nobody is entirely sure how it does this but according to Goran Hellekant a miraculin researcher at the University of Minnesota "miraculin may distort their (sweet receptors on the taste buds) shape a bit so they become responsive to acids". Good news for us!



Did you know we consume an average of 150 pounds of sugar per year! That's a lot of sweet tooths! Traditional ways of decreasing sugar consumption include using artificial sweeteners to replace sugar but many studies have shown that using artificial sweeteners does not help us lose weight and arguments abound that they actually hurt our health.


How do You Lose Weight with the Miracle Berry

Satisfying your sweet tooth by eating the miracle berries and then lower calorie sour foods instead of high calorie sweet foods can help you lose weight.

Eat a miracle berry then eat a non-sweet food to satisfy your sweet tooth. Citrus fruits can taste like candy and plain unsweetened yogurt can taste like a creamy dessert!

Are Miracle Berries Safe and Natural

Miracle berries come straight from a plant in Africa and so yes they are all natural! The berries have been used for hundreds of years in West Africa. Many studies have been conducted on their safety with no health risks being found.

The miraculin contained in the berries is available in some locals in a pill form and have a similar effect as eating miracle berries.


Other Benefits of Miracle Berries

There is no readily available research to prove it but many cancer patients eat the berries to counteract the metallic taste caused by chemotherapy. Talk to a chemotherapy patient who's tried it and they'll swear by it!

The berries are also helpful for diabetics who can then enjoy the sweet taste produced by eating sour foods without impacting insulin levels like sugar containing foods would.


How to Buy Miracle Berry

The hard part about buying miracle berries is that they only last for two to three days which can be problematic when you want to have a supply of them at home!

The suggested form of using miracle berries for weight loss or other purposes would be to purchase freeze-dried pulp available in tablets or granules which last for a year or more, or freeze-dried or frozen fruit.

In the 1970s the FDA in the US refused to allow the fruit to be used in the United States as a food additive but the berries are available whole from a grower in Florida. In many other countries the berries and miraculin are widely available.

It is hard to get enough purified miraculin from miracle berries to make a commercial sweetener so another source of miraculin has been developed in genetically engineered lettuce of all places!

There are some great products with miracle berry in them that work exactly the same as eating the fresh miracle berry fruit. The options available are:
  • Dulci trits - powdered miracle (dulci) berry
  • Dulci gum
  • Dulci lolly pop, and
  • Dulci seasonings

Some of my favorites are the dulci gum and the dulci lolly pop - they have a longer shelf life than the fresh berries and they're kind of fun to eat! Buy miracle berries (or any of the other dulci berry products) now!

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