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Is This the New Superfood?

The health benefits of beet juice reflected in its deep, dark, crimson color may be the new wine of choice for those seeking a highly nutritional drink.

benefits of beet juice

The joys and nutritional benefits of beet juice (Don't forget those green tops, too!) has a wonderful effect of cleansing the liver. The cleansing and detoxing action of fresh beet juice has been linked in helping to combat several health problems including anemia, cancer, blood pressure, dandruff, liver and bile ailments to name a few.

Dr. Alexander Ferenczi worked successfully treating cancer patients using raw, red beet juice. As a result of his studies, he believed that red beet juice has a tumor-inhibiting active substance. This may not be new to researchers exploring the cancer-combating crimson color of red beet juice. A study published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry , November 6, 2002 showed that the pigment of red beet juice called betacyanin, which is also an antioxidant, protects against cancer.

The latest exciting research also shows that beets and beet jucie may help prevent dementia!

Drinking beet juice may also help you to increase your stamina while exercising. The high concentration of nitrates in beet juice helps the body to use less oxygen and therefore may help to increase your workout time and intensity. 

Before running to the nearest health food store and paying top dollar for prepackaged beet juice or beet juice concentrate, considering buying your own fresh beets (and other vegetables) and juicer and making your own nutritious beet juice. If that doesn't fit into your lifestyle try this all organic beet juice.

If you are new to vegetable juices, it may take you a bit to develop a taste for beet juice. Think of the health benefits of beet juice and as you start to feel better, you may just start craving the sweet taste of fresh beet juice. When juicing beets, always add a milder fruit or vegetable like lemons, carrots and/or celery. To get the full effect of the beet juice

Beet juice is very concentrated and drinking straight beet juice may cause nausea. Start slowly and gradually increase your beet juice intake. You want to enjoy your juices, not view them as a medicine.

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Beets for Beauty

The Mini Beet Protocol shows more of the benefits of beet juice. This protocol reportedly removes belly fat, infertility, wrinkles and more. Robert Von, who is credited with the MBP, recommends that you should eat an apple after consuming the red beet juice. The apple helps to absorb toxins and fight nausea, which may be a side-effect of detoxing with red beet juice.

One last note on the benefits of beet juice: When juicing beets or even buying beet juice, always insist on organically grown beets. If you want the benefits of beet juice for detoxing and health reasons, it makes no sense to add poisons to your health drink.

Beet Juice Side Effects

Eating beets or drinking red beet juice may cause your stools to turn red or almost black and may give your urine a pink tinge. This is no cause for alarm since you know that it is the red beet juice that is causing this. If you like what you know about beet juice and want to drink it but also do the MBP, realize that beet juice is very concentrated so NEVER drink it alone. Always dilute it with a milder juice such as apple or carrot. Start out with drinking it in small amounts no more than ΒΌ cup full. Beet juice is a powerful detoxer and as such, it is best to add it slowly to your diet until you get used to it.

Beets are a root vegetable and are very high in natural sugar. Refined sugar comes from nothing else but the sugar beet! Actually, the sugar in beets and beets themselves are rather low on the glycemic index. However, refined sugar (processed white) is not only very high on the glycemic index but has lots of bad effects on your health from spiking your blood sugar to making your immune system sluggish, just to name but a few. The natural, raw sugar in raw beet juice is not detrimental to your health.

Nutritional Value of Beets

Here are some facts about beets. Beets are high in fiber making them excellent in relieving constipation and good for the heart, too. They are rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. Possibly the most notable of all of their nutrients is folic acid, which is a necessary nutrient for the production of new cells. Folic Acid is especially important for pregnant women and anyone undergoing any type of physical healing. Also, beets contain the minerals calcium,sodium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. The iron found in beets is of an exceptionally fine quality that makes it wonderful for building and cleansing the blood and your entire body.  

But don't discard those green, beet tops! All of the nutritional value of beets are also present in their tops. Beet tops can either be juiced with the raw beets, steamed like spinach or eaten raw with a warm dressing. Add them to salads or sandwiches— any way that you would use any other green, leafy vegetable.

Health Benefits of Beets

Beets are high in natural and unprocessed carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a natural energy source that your body needs.

Among the cancer-protecting qualities of beets and the detoxing qualities of beet juice, beets can also protect against heart disease. Beets are high in fiber, which help prevent constipation.

Beet are both naturally sweet and low in calories. So for a sweet treat eat canned beets. You can eat them right out of the can; no cooking is needed. Canned beets are very inexpensive and makes for a super snack.

While there are some excellent health benefits of beets in a can, the nutrition in fresh beets are greater. Other than juicing fresh, raw, organically grown beets, you can grate them into salads for a colorful, nutritious and sweet crunch. Once you develop a taste for beets, you'll find so many ways to use this nutritious and delicious vegetable.

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