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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, I am required to disclose any relationship between a product manufacturer, product distributor or service provider when I recommend their product or service. This is good, especially in today's digital world, for you to understand the relationship between a person like myself and and the companies that I recommend in my website.

Many times, if I create a link to a product or services, I may get paid a small commission if you purchase it using my link. This is the company's way of thanking me for recommending their product to you. When I find companies, products or services that have value, I simply want to share them with you. If you go directly to their website to make your purchase, you will still pay the same, but I don't make any commission.

If you decide to click on my product links and recommendations, you help create a 'win-win-win' situation for you, me and them. This is one way you can show your support for my site.

Then there are the “Ads by Google.” These ads are selected by Google, not by me. So if you see a Google ad and a web page about the same product or service, it is simply a coincidence.

As always I appreciate your contributions to this site, whether it's sharing your feedback, reading an article or providing your ideas and wisdom in the various comment sections. You are important to me. Thank you.

To Your Wellness,
Mary Jane Humes

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