The Benefits of Eating Fish Only Start With "Brain Food

The wellness benefits of eating fish easily put fish like tuna, salmon, sardine nutrition in the list of top foods.

benefits of eating fish

While there are many wellness benefits of eating fish, consider the many wellness benefits of sardine nutrition or most other types of fish. For some reason, salmon usually tops the list of fish superfoods but other kinds of fish can very well swim to the top also. Fish, of all varieties has been termed as “brain food.”

While the brain does benefit from the nutrient packed seafood, there are many other benefits of eating fish of all types. From the highly prized salmon fish oil to the exceptional facts of sardine nutrition, fish— no matter what its first name may be— is a superfood. Salmon is just one of the many good fish sources. However, salmon can be a bit pricy unless you live near the areas where they’re caught in abundance. To get similar benefits and stretch your fish-buying power, choose other seafood such as herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies or trout to get all of the benefits of eating fish at a fraction of the cost.

Fishy Wellness Benefits

Fish is a diet friendly food that provides significant amounts of protein per ounce serving. A ΒΌ cup of salmon provides a whopping 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of healthy fat and is a good source of calcium, especially if you eat the bones. Fish also contain significant amounts of B vitamins, selenium, zinc and Vitamin D. Compare salmon benefits to similar nutrition facts of sardines high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which provide 325 milligrams of calcium in only three ounces of these small, tasty fish. Tuna is another common fish favorite. All fish are high in heart healthy Omega 3 also.

What is Omega 3 Good For?

From touting the benefits of eating salmon to sardine nutrition and all type of seafood in between, the common thread is that all of these foods are very high in Omega 3. Omega 3 is for more than a slick marketing campaign— it has some very real health benefits.

Heart Health – Omega 3, found in all types of fish, helps to regulate cholesterol levels. The fatty acids DHA and EPA in fish oil reduce the risk of heart disease. These acids help keep cell membranes healthy and maintain heart health by regulating blood clotting and blood vessels constriction.

Fat Burner - The Omega 3 found in salmon fish oil and other fish fats helps your body lose fat! Omega 3 fatty acids help your body burn fat, using it as fuel rather than storing it on your hips and belly. Add fish oil, either in capsule form or as part of a diet high in fish, to your regular exercise for an effective fat burner.

Cancer Protector - The fatty acids in Omega 3 have been shown to reduce lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer cells in laboratory studies.

When Good Fish Go Bad!

While there are many benefits of eating salmon and other types of fish, there is a rising concern about mercury poisoning. As a rule of thumb (Or shall I say fin!), to reduce contamination by higher levels of mercury, choose smaller varieties of fish. Think sardines and anchovies or even larger pan-sized fish. If the whole fish can easily fit into your pan, you have much less to worry about when it comes to mercury contamination. For more information on specific types of fish and their potential levels of mercury, go to FDA - Mercury Levels in Fish and Shellfish. Make it a weekly goal to enjoy the benefits of eating fish on a regular basis— several times a week. Your whole body will thank you.

For Vegetarians and Vegans

If you do not eat fish for whatever reason, yet you want to get the benefits of fish oil, let me suggest this totally vegan nutritious oil to you. It is Essential Living Oils.

You can have all of the benefits of fish oil all from a totally plant based source.

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