The Search for the Best Multi Liquid Vitamin

The best multi liquid vitamin is different nutritious liquids blended to form the best multi vitamin combination in liquid form.

best multi liquid vitamin

The debate over liquid vs. solid when it comes to vitamin supplements is both interesting and sometimes heated.

Here are the main arguments used by proponents of liquid vitamins.

1. Traditional vitamin tablets and capsules are often not used by the body since the body cannot break them down for the nutritional use, so they are flushed down the toilet, resulting in a waste of money and no nutritional value. According to this argument, liquid vitamin supplements are the only way to get your supplements.

2. Liquids have a 98% absorption rate in the body, therefore the body is getting the nutrients that it needs with liquid vitamins.

An analysis of both statements shows that they contina both truth and error.

The first argument that all vitamin tablets are a waste is an inaccurate and misleading statement. It is true that the body cannot use most traditional synthetic “vitamin” pills and they do just get “flushed away.” However, the body cannot use synthetic vitamins, even if they are in liquid form. Liquid synthetic vitamins are just as much a waste of money as synthetic vitamins in tablet or capsule form. For more information on fake vitamins, see vitamin and mineral information and vitamins in vegetables.

Another reason why the body does not absorb many vitamin tablets and capsules is the addition of indigestible fillers and binders called excipients. Liquid vitamins usually do not have these sometimes harmful additives.

It is true that liquids are easily absorbed by the body. In fact digestion starts in the mouth. So liquid vitamins do have an advantage over capsules.

Criteria for the Best Multi Liquid Vitamin Supplement

If you are really convinced that you want your vitamins in liquid form, consider some important nutritional criteria.

The liquid vitamin supplement should be advertised as being made from identified and labeled whole, plant food sources, i.e., fruits and vegetable. These may be called a food supplement, not a liquid vitamin.

Avoid any liquid vitamins having artificial chemical sweeteners such as sucralose, saccharin, or aspartame. Stevia is acceptable sweetener, since it is an herb.

Most liquid vitamins (even if they meet all of the above criteria) have added harmful preservatives like sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate. These preservatives are so detrimental that the soft drink giant, Coca Cola is removing sodium benzoate from its drinks since it is harmful to the cells’ DNA and may cause hyperactivity in children. If you want vitamins, you don’t want benzoate additives included in them!

Consider also that if you buy a liquid vitamin, you may be paying for the actual liquid which may be either water or fruit juice. To save you money, consider buying a powdered form of vitamins, adding your own liquid Then you are making your own best multi liquid vitamin.

Here is my personal suggestion for a live sourced vitamin powder.

Sweet Wheat Juice Powder - This is dehydrated juice. That means that you are not paying for liquid, just the nutrients. Add water or vegetable juice and you have a liquid vitamin. This food supplement is suitable everyone from infants to the elderly and all persons in between.

Here is another suggestion for liquid vitamins:

Sprouted B - This product will effectively get essential B vitamins into your system. Add just 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite liquid and sip it over a period of several hours. This will not only give your B vitamins but help you beat fatigue.

And if you would like to get mineral in liquid form that your body can absorb try:

Ionic Magnesium - This liquid mineral product includes not only magnesium but also a full spectrum of naturally minerals and trace minerals. These minerals in a natural, ionic, electrolyte solution. Sop your body can use all of it right away.

Another Option for the Best Multi Liquid Vitamin

best multi liquid vitamin Another option to get your vitamins in liquid form is to make your own from scratch. Invest in a good juicer, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and make your own natural, preservative-free and healing juices. These fresh natural, preservative-free liquids will give you the best multi liquid vitamin, at home. The website: Juicing For Health will get you off to a great start with some free juicer recipes for specific wellness challenges.

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