Some Beta-Sitosterol Information

Knowing some beta-sitosterol information is important. This natural plant sterol naturally lowers and enhances male prostrate health. Any beta-sitosterol side-effects are rare and mild.

Knowing some basic beta-sitosterol information may have you reaching for this natural plant supplement instead of your cholesterol medicine.

Beta-sitosterol is one of the many plant sterols under the broad term of “phytochemicals” or “phytosterols.” Plant sterols also known as phytosterols are naturally occurring plant chemicals that compose plant cell walls. Plant sterols and beta-sitosterol in particular have been shown to naturally and effectively reduce harmful cholesterol levels.

Plant sterols, including the abundant beta-sitosterol, is in all plant foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Eating a diet high in plant sterols may reduce the incidence of heart disease. The recommended amount of plant sterols according to the National Cholesterol Education Program is to consume at least 2 grams daily. However, most adults consume only 2 to 3 milligrams daily. This is not surprising. To get your 2 grams of plant sterols you would have to eat about 100 pounds of vegetable products daily, which is unrealistic.

beta sitosterol information

To meet the nutritional demand for plant sterols, some companies have been adding them to foods from cereals and chocolate to juice and margarine. This is one way to increase your uptake of plant sterols. Another way is to simply take a beta-sitosterol supplement.

The answer to increasing your level of phytosterol in order to get the recommended amount is to take a beta-sitosterol supplement.

Health Benefits of Beta-Sitosterol for Both Sexes

Beta-sitosterol studies show that including this particular supplement in your daily diet effectively lowers cholesterol. Plant sterols and beta-sitosterol in particular, effectively block the uptake of dietary cholesterol. It binds the “bad cholesterol” molecules to prevent them from being absorbed in the digestive tract. This action effectively balances cholesterol levels in humans.Plant sterols and beta-sitosterol mimics the action of animal cholesterol without artery-clogging side-effects. This action both absorbs harmful cholesterol as well as maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

The chemical structure of plant sterols is similar to that of cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential lipid. It provides structure for cell membranes and is the precursor of bile acids and hormones. Supporting your body with plant sterols is important to maintain necessary cholesterol levels, which in turn supports a healthy hormonal system and bile acids.

Beta-Sitosterol and Your Prostrate: For Men and the Women Who Love Them

Beta-sitosterol and prostrate health have been linked since it is an extremely effective supplement for the prostrate. As men age, their prostrate gland enlarges, leading to both urinary problems and increased risk of other disorders, not to mention discomfort. Beta-sitosterol has been the “drug” of choice among many European physicians for treating disorders related to the prostrate gland. More beta-sitosterol information: a study reported by Dr. Stephen Strum and William Fallon in Life Extension magazine shows the effectiveness of beta-sitosterol on benign prostrate enlargement and its effectiveness in treating prostrate cancer.

Beta-Sitosterol Side Effects

Beta sitosterol information includes knowledge about any potential beta-sitosterol side effects. Beta-sitosterol is a natural wellness supplement. As with any supplement, it may have associated side-effects. Being that it is a natural plant product, side-effects are both uncommon and easily tolerated. Many persons taking beta-sitosterol supplements do not experience any side effects at all.

Since beta-sitosterol supplements are concentrated forms of a plant sterol, there have been some side-effects reported. These side effects may include:

beta sitosterol information
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Impotence
  • Decreased libido

The possible negative sexual side-effects are understandable since beta-sitosterol does affect men's hormonal system. Any other side-effect or unexplained negative reaction may indicate a rare allergic reaction to this particular plant sterol and needs to be reported to your health care provider immediately.

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