Eight Glyconutrients Enhance Cellular Communication and Other Health Benefits of Glyconutrients

eight glyconutrients

The eight glyconutrients are the newest wellness supplement. Glyconutrients and cancer have been linked by scientists since these supplements enhance vital cellular communication.

Glyconutrients are the newest wellness supplement. Although glyconutrients themselves have been around ever since there were humans that needed these immune-boosting nutrients, it is just in recent years that scientists are starting intensive research as to the role these nutrients play in enhancing communication between cells so that your cells can recognize and destroy harmful pathogens while nourishing healthy cells.

The eight glyconutrients and cancer are often linked— for the good. Research seems to indicate that when glyconutrients are added to the diet, the resulting enhanced cell-to-cell communication will actually help the immune system both identify and then destroy the diseased cells.

Although glyconutrients have been around since the dawn of creation, the actual mechanics of how they work, what foods they are found in, why they are so important and that your body will actually make them if you do not supply your body with them is a hot area of medical research. These nutritional supplements help your body heal itself, support and maintain optimal wellness. According to Harper’s Biochemistry, a renowned medical textbook, “All mammals must produce all eight glyconutrients as a normal function of life. Those that do not produce all eight glyconutrients correctly will develop a disease condition.”

The drawing below is a picture of a cell coated with the protective glyconutrients.

eight glyconutrients

“Sugars of Life”

Scientists consider the eight glyconutrients “sugars.” They are carbohydrates, but unlike other carbohydrates, they do not produce energy. These “sugars” are vital for wellness because they are an important component of the immune system. They neither raise the blood sugar level in your body nor add pounds.

Thomas Maeder, a glycobiology researcher, in
Scientific American, July 2002, pages 40-47 says, “Sugars in particular perform an astonishing range of jobs. Once regarded mainly as energy-yielding molecules (glucose and glycogen) and as structural elements, they are know to combine with proteins and fats on cell surface and so situated, influence cell-to cell communications, the functioning of the immune system, the ability of various infectious agents to make us sick.”

Role of Glyconutrients

You know that communication is vitally important to any relationship! The same is true with the cells in your body. Each of your cells must communicate effectively with many other cells. The eight glycol-sugars make up a cellular alphabet, a language of life, necessary for cell-to-cell “talking.” When this alphabet is missing one of the specific sugars, the cells cannot work properly and the result is chaos. This chaos may not be immediately apparent to you since the damage occurs at the cellular level. Nevertheless, when your cells are not communicating properly, your wellness suffers. When you add these special sugars to your diet, you will restore proper cell-to-cell communication and reap the health benefits of glyconutrients. To learn more about the effectiveness of glyconutrients in various specific health conditions check out Glyconutrient Treatment.

Find Glyconutrients

Traditionally, glyconutrients have been obtained in the diet. When our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived off the land, they unknowingly ate plants rich in glyconutrients. Some of these foods to boost the immune system are Aloe Vera, saps, gums, certain herbs, certain mushrooms, breast milk, maize, pectin from fruits, coconut meat, some algae and some types of seaweed. This is not an exhaustive list of all foods containing glyconutrients, but it gives you the idea that our current diet is woefully lacking in these important nutrients. Although all of the foods listed contain some of the eight glyconutrients, there is no one food containing all of the necessary glyconutrients.

Two of the eight essential sugars are found in the diet. These two are glucose and galactose. Glucose is oversupplied from white sugar and starchy foods such as rice, corn, potatoes and wheat.

Galactose is easily obtained from dairy products. From these two essential carbohydrates alone, the body will make the remaining six…Your body wants them badly! Now for those people who are lactose intolerant, they may be getting only one of the essential eight.

Your body needs to produce all eight of the glyconutrients to both maintain and restore optimal wellness. The amazing process of producing these nutrients is very inefficient with many biochemical steps and numerous enzymes. This process also requires much valuable energy. As your body struggles to make the necessary nutrients that it is not getting in your diet, it must deprive other processes of energy and this weakens your body. Then it is harder for your body to keep you feeling good and doing what it wants.

This whole process of producing the needed glyconutrients is good for only short periods, times of nutritional stress. Your body was not intended to produce all eight of these nutrients on a continual basis for years and years.

Glyconutrient Supplements

Since glyconutrients are not readily obtained in the diet, supplementation with these nutrients has gotten much interest. The absolute best gluconutritnet product is Mannatech's Advanced Ambrotose. This product contains all eight glyconutrients in perfect balance. Contact Mannatech to find an associate near you.

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