Fluoride in Our Drinking Water is NOT a Health Benefit!

Added fluoride in our drinking water supposedly to help prevent tooth decay, the fact is that ingesting fluoride does nothing to help teeth. Actually, fluoride is a toxic waste poison that kills rats.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in the earth. There are low amounts of the mineral fluoride in drinking water, air and even foods. Small amounts of the natural mineral fluoride occur in all drinking water, no matter what its source.

fluoride in our drinking water The fact that a small amount of fluoride is in our drinking water is neither a worry nor a health concern. What is a major health issue is the added synthetic fluoride in our drinking water.

Synthetic fluoride is actually a waste by-product of industrial manufacturing and is very poisonous. Since it is such a dangerous waster product, to dispose of it properly and safely is extremely expensive. A cheap and quick way to dispose of this toxic waste is to dump it into our water supply and promote its health benefits.

Benefits of Fluoride

The benefits of fluoride are few. The only benefit of fluoride comes from the topical application of it on teeth. There are no other benefits of fluoride by ingesting it.

The only benefits of adding it to the public water supply are to the industrial waste companies—it is a cheap and easy way to dispose of toxic waste.

Dangers of Fluoride

The dangers of fluoride are many. The Environmental Protection Agency Union, among others, including doctors, dentists and concerned, informed citizens strongly oppose water fluoridation.

Here are a few of the many dangers of fluoride:

- Fluoride is the active ingredient in many pesticides and rodenticides— rat poison!

- There is enough fluoride present in an average tube of toothpaste to kill a child under 9 years old (That is why there are warnings on the tube of toothpaste).

- Excessive exposure causes a painful, arthritic-like bone disease called skeletal fluorosis.

- Fluoride damages the brain and causes lower IQ in children.

- Fluoride can cause gastrointestinal distress such as nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting.

- Fluoride supplementation is no longer recommended for infants.

- Fluoride may cause reproductive problems both men and women.

- Fluoride harms every major organ system in the body.

For more information about the dangers of fluoride see the Fluoride Action Network: Fluoride Health Effects

Fluoride in Our Drinking Water

Professionals’ Views on Fluoride in Our Drinking Water

Professional health care providers are trying to get water fluoridation stopped by exposing the truth about the danger of fluoride in drinking water.

Here are two videos:

Cary Harrison gives some alarming facts about water fluoridation.

A report by the TV news program, Today on Tonight, features a dentist and others who are concerned about the very real dangers of water fluoridation.

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