Health Benefits of Eggs Makes Eggs 'Egg-ceptionally' Special

The health benefits of eggs including the all-important cholesterol in eggs makes eggs a vital part of a healthy, daily diet.

health benefits of eggs

health benefits of eggs The wonderful and nutritious benefits of eggs have been sorely misaligned in recent years due to the rising concern over blood cholesterol levels. On the contrary, eggs and the health benefits that they provide should be elevated to the lofty position of one of the top foods.  

However the health benefits of eggs are truly astounding.
 Clare Hasler, PhD of the University of Illinois, quite aptly describes eggs as “functional foods.” She says eggs “can be defined as those provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition... which have a potentially beneficial effect on health when consumed... on a regular basis”.

The egg nutrition and the resulting health benefits of eggs should come as no surprise since the egg has all the nutrition to nourish a chick and prepare it to become a fully functioning and reproducing adult bird. The current nutrition craze is everything from artificial egg substitutes to an emphasis on only egg whites in an effort to avoid such things as fat and cholesterol. This comes from a world where misinformation is the norm and accepted as fact.

Say “Yes” to the Yolk

health benefits of eggs

The rich, deep orange color of the egg yolk signals a vast array of important nutrients including several vitamins, minerals and important antioxidants. Compared to the rich and nutrient dense yolk, egg whites (albumin) are almost devoid of nutrition. Eating only the egg white and discarding the nutrient-dense yolk will not give you the wonderful health benefits of the egg.

The health benefits of eggs, especially of the yolks, are so vast that eating a few daily is just as nutritious, if not more so, than taking a daily multivitamin. Eggs yolks contain protein, macro and trace minerals, several of the B vitamins, essential fatty acids, arachidonic acid (AA) and 20 mg of DHA . For a more detailed analysis of the goodness of egg yolks, see Chirs Masterjohn's excellent article "The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk".

Cholesterol in Eggs— Cracked Myths

One of the most common arguments for avoiding eggs is the worry about high cholesterol. One of the most common methods for lowering high cholesterol numbers was to cut out high cholesterol foods. One of the first and most commonly thought of as the worst culprit were eggs. The fact is, yes, eggs have that all-important compound called cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed by your body as a structural and protective substance. Cholesterol is found in all of your major organs including your brain. You need cholesterol so much that your body will actually produce it. When you eat dietary cholesterol, such as eggs, your body does not have to produce more and will actually slow down cholesterol-producing activities. Studies have found that consistently eating up to three eggs daily has no significant effect on the blood cholesterol level of the majority of the population. In less than a third of the population, it was found that the only change was weight gain due to low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad cholesterol.” But then again, the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good cholesterol,” did the same thing. This means there was no change in the ratios between the two types of cholesterol and therefore, no threat of heart disease.

Eggs and Weight Loss

Now that you know that you can safely add eggs to your diet, consider starting your day the old-fashioned way— with eggs! A study led by Dr. Bruce Griffin found that eating two eggs daily both reduced weight and reduced LDL cholesterol levels. The theory behind the eating of eggs, especially in the morning, is that the high protein content of the egg satisfies the appetite better so that you are able to still feel satisfied and eat less during the day. Eating eggs for breakfast rather than your normal bagel or cereal will give you more satisfying protein and will help tame blood sugar swings that lead to food cravings.

Pictured below is Egg Capsicum Salad. If you would like the recipe simply click on the picture or right click it to download it to your computer.

health benefits of eggs

Good Egg or BEST Egg?

All eggs, even all chicken eggs, are not created the same. It's to your best health and well being that you choose the best eggs for the best wellness.

You have most likely guessed it: Buy organic free-range eggs. Eggs coming from chickens that are allowed to roam freely and are fed natural feed— without added hormones or antibiotics— produce eggs that are the highest in nutritional value.

Eggs from free-range chickens are markedly different than nearly all of the eggs sold in supermarkets which come from commercially raised chickens. Free-range eggs have deep, orange-colored yolks which indicate higher nutrients including antioxidants that are good you your eyesight. These eggs yolks are bursting with nutrition and begging to be eaten to nourish your body in so many ways. If these eggs are too expensive at your local supermarket, buy them from a local farmer. You'll be getting all of the health benefits of eggs at a lower price.

Eating Raw Eggs

Yes, eating raw eggs is not only safe, but can be a part of your raw food diet to give you a source of easy-to-digest protein. As with most any food, the less exposure to processing, the more excellent nutrition you're able to absorb. If you're new to eating raw eggs, start slowly, eating a few drops daily and gradually increase your raw egg eating until you're able to tolerate a whole egg.

A wonderful Raw Eggnog Treat is :

1 cup of raw milk

1 raw egg

1 tablespoon of raw cane sugar

ΒΌ teaspoon of vanilla extract

a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg each

Blend ingredients together in a blender and enjoy the health benefits of eggs in a delicious way.

Eating Raw Eggs and the Salmonella Scare

If you are concerned about the salmonella scare and the link to eating raw eggs, there really is nothing to worry about. Only about one in 20,000 eggs contain salmonella. To decrease your risk for you getting that one, buy organic free-range eggs.

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