How To Drink More Water

Need to know how to drink more water? Here are a few tips and tricks for you to reach for that incredible wellness drink.

You already know some of the health benefits of drinking water. You also know that you really do have to drink more water to help your body. If drinking water is not "your thing", you are not alone. However not liking water is not an excuse for not drinking it. Here are some tips for you to have some ideas as how to drink more water.

Flavor It! - NOT with sugar or artificial chemical sweeteners! But a squeeze of a slice of fresh lime, lemon or orange will give you a flavor to savor as you drink. Adding fresh cucumber slices or even carrot slices to your water will give you a touch of flavor, the beauty of color and a crunchy reward when you eat them after drinking the water.

how to drink more water

Carry It! - make sure that you have your water with you all the time. When you exercise, walk or even run daily errands, make your water bottle as important as your cell phone and keys. Then make a goal to drink it all before you get home.

Pretty It! - Yes, you read that right. Make your water bottle an attractive accessory while you are at work, at your desk, at home, etc. Drinking from an attractive water container will subconsciously help you to enjoy this health task. Just like you may have a favorite coffee mug, have a favorite water container and make it a part of your daily lifestyle.

Track It! - Make a written goal, put it on your to-do list, or a note on the refrigerator to drink a certain amount of water daily. If you write down your water goal and record how much you drink daily, it will be easier to make this a normal part of your daily life.

Filter It! - Invest in a water filtration system. I personally like
Aquasna filters
the best. (It does not hurt either that they have offered readers of this website 20% off of their entire order either!) When you know that you are drinking clean water, and not putting toxins in your body, you will be encouraged to drink more water.

Do It! Whatever method or methods you choose, just do it! The health benefits of drinking Water are far too valuable, and too important to make your body skimp on. Ditch the excuses and drink up!

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