Quantum Reflex Analysis – Tool of Alternative Medicine for Alternative Health

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a simple yet profound diagnostic test relatively new, yet based on ancient knowledge. This may be the most interesting tool of alternative medicine for alternative health.

QRA is a simple but profound way of understanding the body and letting the body tell the patient and practitioner what it needs to heal. QRA utilizes science from kinesiological testing in the form of the Bi-Digital O Ring test, the energy meridians as defined by ancient Chinese medicine. When you are in full health, the unique electrical frequencies of your various organs and glands harmonize. The entire collection of electrical frequencies is called your body’s biofield. When your body is weakened through stress, disease or any other way, the electrical frequency changes and that can be measured using QRA. Once measured, the body can also determine what vitamin, herbal or mineral interventions would be best to help it based on the electric frequency of the suggested nutritional or even pharmaceutical products.

Once the individual’s basic problems are identified (the root cause of an illness— not just the expressed symptoms) the recovery can be rapid. For just about any health issue, QRA is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.

Benefits of QRA

- A comprehensive health care approach for the entire body, leading to both correction of the immediate problem and long-term wellness

- Immediate, patient-specific assessments

- A way to determine the optimum dosage of each nutritional formula suggested

- Clearing the body’s biofields of any interference

Many times, the individual’s biofield is blocked due to past physical trauma such as scars from surgery or accidents. These scars or other traumas effectively “short circuits” the healing energy flow through the biofield. An organ or gland may be weakened by various maladies. Some of these stressors are parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metal or environmental toxins. There can also be interference fields due to physical trauma such as scars from surgery or accidents. Once these short circuits are identified and cleared, the meridian flow is able to return to normal and the organs and glands are then strengthened.

Without addressing the fact of chaos in the individual’s biofield, the patient may require large amount of supplements that may not control their symptoms. Once the problematic organs and/or glands are identified using QRA, the biofield cleared of any interference, the patient can expect to take far fewer supplements, but receive greater results since their body’s bio-absorption has been enhanced.

What Does QRA Help?

A QRA session does not reveal disease. You may have uncomfortable symptoms that you want to go away or you may have already been diagnosed with a particular disease. A QRA analysis will immediately show you which particular organs or glands are weak, giving you the physical problems you are dealing with. Once your biofield is restored to normal, your body will be able to effectively bring you back to optimal wellness.

Find A QRA Practitioner Near You

Quantum Reflex Analysis is only available through a QRA practitioner. Both simple and profound, QRA is safe, proven and time tested. When other types of treatment have failed to bring relief or answers, QRA can find the root of the problem so appropriate healing measures can be taken.

If you would like to be treated using Quantum Reflex Analysis, use this link to Tom's Good Files to find a QRA practitioner in your area.

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