White Tea Health Benefits Taste Delicious!

Delicious white tea health benefits are similar to, but possibly greater than, the numerous health benefits of black tea.

white tea health benefits

What is White Tea?

Teas, no matter what color or name, white, black, green or oolong, all come from the same plant. This plant is Camellia sinensis whose leaves and leaf buds produce tea. The colors and resulting names and flavors of the teas are a result of the degree of maturity and subsequent processing the leaves go through after being picked.

White tea comes from immature leaves and leaf buds. It aptly named “white tea” because of the white, downy fuzz covering the immature leaf buds. After the leaves are harvested, they’re quickly steamed then gently air-dried and not allowed to ferment like black or oolong teas. White tea is the least processed of all teas. The flavor of white tea is light and even a bit sweet, unlike the grassy taste of green tea or the full bodied, slightly bitter and acidic taste of black tea.

Health Benefits of White Tea

Tea, no matter what its color, certainly deserves a place among the 10 Healthiest Foods. The benefits of white tea rival those of black tea. The combination of immature leaves and minimal processing, results in a vast array of plant nutrients for your sipping pleasure.

Since white tea is from immature leaves, these leaves have all of the plant machinery and “brains” to produce a grownup version of itself, resulting in a very high concentration of nutrients. When used at such a young stage, you are automatically getting far more nutrients per serving of tea leaves as compared to the same serving size of mature leaves.

A few of the many health benefits of white tea are:

Antioxidants – While all teas are rich in these free radical-grabbing, protective nutrients that successfully fight aging and degenerative diseases, white tea has more antioxidants than any other type of tea. These antioxidants may very well be responsible for this next benefit.

Kills Cancer – Particular antioxidants called flavonoids kill cancer cells. The flavonoids found in white tea effectively kills cancer cells as well as some prescription drugs.

Heart Protection – Another specific antioxidant found in white tea is catechins. Catechins regulate cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol. White tea also thins the blood, which lowers blood pressure to a safe level. White tea is a good overall circulatory system tonic.

Brain Drink – Stressed? Sipping white tea may help you to think more clearly during stress-filled days. White tea has the highest concentration of the amino acid L-theanine that stimulates alpha brain waves to boost alertness while at the same time producing a calming effect.

Natural Antibiotic – White tea kills harmful bacteria and even viruses, making this liquid a powerful ally to your immune system.

A cup of white tea contains only about 15 milligrams of caffeine. Other teas have much higher amounts of caffeine— up to 50 mg of caffeine; a cup of coffee contains 120 mg of caffeine per serving.

Don’t Toss Out the Benefits of Black Tea!

Like white tea, black tea is also loaded with nutrients. To name a few of the benefits, the nutrients found in black tea also effectively kills cancer cells, may boost metabolism to aid weight loss, strengthens the immune system and is heart healthy.

Remember, you will get the most white tea health benefits or even black tea benefits while sipping this nutrient packed beverage, but hold the cream and sugar, especially any artificial chemical sweeteners. Drink it “black” and sweeten it with raw honey or liquid stevia (A natural sugar substitute found in health food stores).

While we are on the subject of white tea health benefits, it would be only prudent to mention weight loss tea. If this has caught your interest, find weight loss tea here. Weight loss tea is not white tea, but you can get all colors (and flavors) of teas from this same company.

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