How to Boost Your Immune System

Knowing how to boost your immune system using foods and vitamins to boost your immune system is necessary for long term health and wellness.

Keep the "bugs" away!

how to boost your immune system

So you want to know what how to boost your immune system? Good question! The following tips and techniques will help you have strong immune system for years to come.

Your body has been designed to keep you well. Wanting to boost your immune system is simply desiring to work with your body, not against it. Seeking to strengthen your immune system is very natural, so here are some natural ways to do it.

Exercise– Exercise is an important part of being healthy. If you need yet another reason to get off the couch and into some sort of bodily exercise, here it is: Exercise circulates the lymph in your body. Lymph is an important component of the human body's immune system. Lymph bathes the cells bringing important nutrients and fighting harmful bacteria.

Unlike the blood which is pumped by your heart and circulated throughout your body, the lymph has no pump; you have to help to circulate this important fluid. The lymph is circulated and your immune system is strengthened by exercise.

Purify YOUR Air– Many cold and flu viruses are in the air, so purify your air. Get rid of the viruses before they get you.

Now before you buy an expensive air-filtering device, consider a low cost, but extremely effective alternative— raw unpeeled onions. Although there needs be more studies done, onions seem to have the unique ability to effectively absorb pathogens in the air. It won't cost you much to invest in a few onions.

Place them in every room of your house and even in your car or office desk drawer. This simple gesture may effectively protect you from “bugs” during the cold and flu season. Don't eat the onions. They, not you, are full of germs!

Eat Right – The old and trite adage, “You are what you eat” is very true. If you want to know how to boost your immune system, you will certainly want to eat what is right. Eliminate highly processed foods and instead, reach for a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Eat them raw when possible.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with healthful chemicals that your body needs to fight everything from colds to cancer. Supplement your vegetables with whole grain foods. Add quality protein in the form of wild caught fish and hormone free poultry.

Learning to eat right may be a bit of a learning curve for you, but the healthful rewards are more than worth it.

Eliminate Sugar– Sugar tastes so good, yet it's so bad! If there is but a single thing that you choose to do to boost your immune system, eliminate sugar because sugar depresses your immune system.

A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that sugar significantly decreased the ability of neutrophiles ( a component of the immune system) to destroy bacteria. Eating sugar puts your immune system into a sluggish mode. Your immune system cannot do what it has been designed to do— kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

Replace sugar with a natural sweetener like agave nectar, raw honey or the sweet herb stevia.

Vitamins- Vitamins to boost the immune system are a very important part of knowing how to boost your immune system. Each particular vitamin works with your body differently, but they all work together to protect against harmful germs that will weaken you.

When choosing any type of vitamin to boost your immune system, avoid synthetic vitamins that will actually rob your body of important nutrients. Rather, seek living or raw vitamins. The best multivitamin is any type of vitamin minimally processed, whole and living. Using raw vitamins will give your immune system a boost you will actually feel.

Two of my very favorite vitamin products to boost your immune system that also contain many antioxidants and plant-sourced minerals are Rice-E and Camu-C

Reward Yourself – That's right, do something nice for YOU for a change. Many times you may feel sick simply because you are “run down.” Every week schedule a relaxing activity that you enjoy and do it. You will feel better mentally and this is a great stress release. Stress weakens your immune system.

A weekly “stress-relief reward” will help you to feel better and enhance your immune system. This tip is related to the next suggestion of how to boost your immune system.

Sleep– Sleep is a vitally important aspect of boosting your immune system. According to an article in the New York Times, your immune system heals both you and itself while your sleep.

When you deprive yourself of sleep, your immune system works harder, stressing itself. You need sleep so your immune system can heal you. When your immune system is stressed, if is not efficient at protecting you.

So if you want a good reason to get your eight hours of sleep, credit your immune system. Try for a good night's sleep every night knowing that this is an important part of knowing how to boost your immune system.

Naturopath Doctor- If your immune system is severely compromised or you just need some extra support to naturally enhance your immune system, seek the advice of a nutritional practitioner.

A practitioner of Quantum Reflex Analysis, a modern herbalist or an acupuncturist can help you to learn how to boost immune system.

Seek the advice of a naturopath doctor if you are seeking an alternative to the conventional flu shot. Many naturopath doctors offer a natural flu shot.

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