Six Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

There are many natural ways to lower blood pressure. Here are six valuable, simple and natural strategies to help you obtain your ideal blood pressure.

natural ways to lower blood pressure

Eat Right – Possibly the most important factor in helping to reduce blood pressure naturally is that of eating the right foods. Eating food is a pleasant fact of life. We can take this fact and actually learn to eat right for our health in general and specifically for optimal blood pressure.

The simple fact of eating the right foods instead of the wrong foods will significantly improve your wellness. Increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating those foods with added salt and sugar will help reduce blood pressure naturally. Two of the very best foods to lower blood pressure are celery and bananas.

In fact, the correlation between eating right and an ideal blood pressure is so great that it has spawned the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet, commonly known as the DASH Diet. DASH Diet guidelines are a structured way of incorporating healthful foods that lower blood pressure.

Lose Weight – Losing weight may be a hot topic for looking good, but more importantly, weight loss is one of the natural ways lower blood pressure. As your heart is pumping blood that has to reach every cell in your body, give your hard working heart a bit of help by reducing the area that it needs to supply. As you gain weight, you are actually increasing the area that needs to be supplied by blood. Therefore, your blood pressure goes up since your heart has to work harder and pump more blood to take care of the increase in body mass. Just by trimming off a few inches will take a load off your heart and reduce your blood pressure naturally.

Stop Smoking – Quitting smoking is one of the natural ways to lower blood pressure. There are many reasons to stop smoking and reducing your blood pressure is just one of them. While cigarette smoking is not a direct cause of high blood pressure, the extremely addictive nicotine in the cigarettes causes the arteries to constrict. natural ways to lower blood pressure This narrowing of the blood vessels forces the heart to beat harder thus elevating your blood pressure.Cigarette smoking also produces carbon monoxide— a lethal gas. This gas interferes with the flow of oxygen throughout the blood vessels making the heart pump harder, thus raising the blood pressure.

Quitting cigarette smoking or discontinuing the use of other tobacco products is not easy. However, when one of the many health benefits include enjoying a more optimal blood pressure, it is truly worth the effort.

Exercise – Yet another benefit of exercise is to effectively lower blood pressure. Cardiovascular exercise is a wonderful way to help lower blood pressure naturally. Regular and moderate physical activity, even only as little as three times a week, can significantly reduce your high blood pressure. Make it a point to start an exercise program that is right for you. Be sure to incorporate cardiovascular program. This can be as simple as taking a daily walk for 20 minutes. Even if you feel you have an active lifestyle already, a simple but concentrated exercise regimen many be just what you need to help you reduce both stress and your blood pressure.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to exercise is taking care of both you and your body. You will be better able to help your loved ones when you first take the time to keep yourself physically fit.

natural ways to lower blood pressure Stress – When faced with stressful situations (And who isn’t?), your body releases hormones to help you face the perceived situations. These hormones temporarily cause a spike in high blood pressure by causing the heart to beat faster and the blood vessels to constrict.

Although there has been no conclusive evidence linking continual stress with long-term high blood pressure, there are other factors that stressed out people employ that definitely add to high blood pressure.

To help naturally lower blood pressure, examine all of the stressful factors in your life. Then, take steps as to how you can either reduce the stress factors or concentrate on changing how you deal with these stressors. Protecting your health by learning deep breathing techniques, getting more sleep, eating right and even counseling, may all help to naturally reduce your blood pressure.

Naturopath – Following all of the above suggestions are very effective. However, if you want to reduce your blood pressure naturally and you feel the need to obtain the advice of a trained professional, by all means look one up and get their advice. There are many types of alternative medicine professionals who are skilled in helping keep your heart healthy.

Seeking professional, natural help is a wise choice since your elevated blood pressure may be but a symptom of an even more serious health issue. Using the advice and recommendation of an alternative medicine practitioner may be one of the best decisions that you can live with.

Although the above suggestions are not a comprehensive list of all the natural ways to lower blood pressure, it is a start to protect your health and enjoy a more healthier lifestyle.

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